A healthy perception and gratitude are not mutually exclusive

Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal (Photo credit: limevelyn)

Half of this post is about the gratitude I felt today after experiencing another spiritually challenging night, but it’s with the aim of inspiring you to tap into your own ability to feel grateful for what you have. People learn from examples, right?

This morning I woke up feeling grateful:

  • because I was able to get to sleep before sunrise without having to take sleeping pills.
  • because I had a good quality sleep despite the disturbances I experienced last night.
  • because I woke up from a good dream this morning that served to remind me I’m a good person.
  • because I woke up feeling great.
  • because I woke up feeling energetic and motivated.
  • (in a strange way) because I was rudely awoken by a malevolent spirit in the early hours of this morning, and if this hadn’t happened I would have never come up with the ingenious ideas to help me overcome future nightly attacks.
  • for receiving inspirational ideas (while I was trying to get back to sleep) centred around helping others in similar spiritual crises in the future.
  • for all my spirit friends and family who are around me, being loving and supportive even when I’m not so nice to be around.
  • for my ability to see the funny side of things. My sense of humour is definitely one of the best tools in my arsenal.

There are other things I’m grateful for, but listing them all would have taken me all afternoon.

This particular point is very important. As well as thinking about the main things I’m grateful for today, I also felt gratitude within my heart. With it came happiness, peace, a sense of well-being and vital energy. (If only I could bottle this! I’d dish it out for free.)

A cocktail of an open heart, perception and gratitude

Perception and gratitude work best together and are not mutually exclusive. Putting the effort into shifting your perception in a positive direction is the first step on the road to heartfelt gratitude. It works by reducing feelings of personal suffering. It’s easier to open your heart and feel thankful for what you have when you’re not playing the role of a victim. In turn, feeling deeply grateful for what you have on a regular basis helps to maintain a healthy perception.

Also, there are health-related benefits associated with being grateful, so it is worth putting in the time and effort to develop a healthy perception if you’re invested in your long-term happiness. It also works great as a coping strategy during challenging times.

Which brings me to you…

What did you feel grateful for today? What did you choose to focus on? Really explore this. It’s too easy to think about all the obvious things like having love and happiness, but really take a good look at your day, and list all the things that you’re deeply grateful for even if you’re having the day from hell.

Just as importantly, really feel the gratitude within yourself. Express it fully with an open heart. Acknowledge the abundance already present within your life, not only on a mental level but also on an emotional level. Otherwise gratitude is just a concept, nothing more, nothing less, and this isn’t useful. You’d just be spinning your wheels, getting nowhere.

Gratitude and perception aren’t the only tools to get to grips with, but they are essential if you want to make a real difference to yourself and other people during your time here on this mortal coil.

Remember, YOLO! 😉

Fire away!

I’d like to hear examples in the comments of how you’ve been able to use perception and gratitude to improve your life!



  1. Congratulations on the first article! Leaves me wanting to know more about you, which is a very good thing! Just a small point: use categories rather than putting everything in Uncategorized. One day you will have many posts and people will want to look at a specific category rather than scrolling through everything. You are already using tags, which is great! Upwards and onwards!!

    1. Silver Firefly · ·

      Thank you for the feedback. It’s good to see you here. I’m really pleased to see this blog is already starting to have a positive impact! I’m working on divulging more about who I am and more about this blog’s purpose, etc.

      Regarding the use of categories, I’m still working these out, I haven’t yet decided on specific categories but that will be fixed soon. Watch this space, as this blog will evolve over time.

      Btw, are you subscribed? I have other articles in the works (to be published once a week) that you might be interested in. 🙂

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